Warranty & Services

Availability and reliability of your RF equipment is crucial for your business. We at DEV feel responsible for the success of your project also after having chosen DEV systems for the optical or electrical transmission of your RF signals. For all broadcast and satellite communications systems, we offer the TripleC Protection, a comprehensive service package which is free for the first 37 months.

Guaranteed Reaction Times

With the DEV TripleC Protection, we promise to start processing your support case within 24 hours.**

Free Shipping

With TripleC Protection, we cover the costs for the shipping and return of the equipment

TripleC Protection

TripleC stands for Competent and Complete Care for your RF signals. This security package is included as standard for all broadcast and satellite communications systems and the MODULO HFC platform. It contains for a period of 37 months in case of failure free shipping of the equipment to and from the factory. TripleC Protection also gives you direct access to our technical experts and guaranteed service levels with defined reaction times for support and fault analysis. With the optional extension of TripleC after 37 months by another 12 months the service period can be extended up to 10 years in total.

Watch for the TripleC Protection Sign – you should not settle for anything less!

  • 37 Months Warranty for all broadcast and satellite communications systems
  • Direct Access to Technical Support
  • Free Shipping of Equipment for Repair Back and Forth
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
    • 3h Reaction Time**
    • Start of Fault Analysis within 24h**