Signal Transmission and Management
Easy and Reliable.

RF over Fiber

RF over Fiber refers to technology that modulates light with a radio frequency signal for transmission over an optical fiber. All our RF-over-Fiber products feature modular flexibility and open paths scalable for future needs.

Switching Systems

DEV offers a range of matrix and redundancy switches, as well as de-/multiplexers. Beside custom configurations, we provide our flexible switching systems in different sizes, for L-Band and CATV Frequencies.

HFC / FTTx Networks

Access network equipment for HFC and FTTx applications. Discover MODULO HFC, the modular cable headend platform, D-CCAP Solutions for DAA Networks, and our CMTS powering solutions for cable network operators.

HFC Broadband Solutions

With innovative distributed CCAP systems for Internet and telecommunications, HFC network operators are able to offer highly competitive 10 Gbit services. DEV together with the Axing Group provides best in class end to-end-end HFC Broadband Solutions.

For Teleport Operators

DEV Systemtechnik is collaborating with satellite, teleport, earth-station operators and systems integrators to offer superior RF solutions serving the needs of these clients. The full portfolio for RF-over-Fiber and coax is available to control RF signal reception and transmission requirements in satcom applications worldwide.

For Broadcast & IPTV Applications

Since 1995, DEV Systemtechnik has been developing RF solutions and products for the global broadcast and cable industry. All of our products are designed for operation in multiple frequency bands and impedances to meet the demands of broadcasters and teleports. Our total portfolio for RF-over-Fiber and coax can manage RF signal reception and transmission requirements worldwide in the broadcast and cable industry.

For City Carriers and small Network Operators

The increasing demand for broadband connectivity for commercial and residential customers is a major challenge for small network operators and municipalities, while at the same time offering great opportunities to open up new markets and retain customers. By using innovative solutions for Internet and telecommunications, small network operators are able to offer highly competitive services. DEV together with its parent company Axing provids the right solution.

For Government & Military

To meet current and future stipulations for government, military and maritime satellite operation, DEV has developed a series of RF Transmission Products such as Matrix Switches tailored for RF performance, size and price.

We offer customized “Ka-Band-ready” arrays for various functions and frequency ranges useful in the government and military segments.

For HFC and FTTx Network Operators

DEV offers a wide range of DOCSIS 3.1-ready equipment for HFC and FFTx cable network operators. Our product portfolio includes MODULO HFC, the modular HFC Headend Platform, as well as solutions for Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) networks. Discover our Distributed CCAP Products as well as solutions for powering a CMTS.

Recent News

DEV Systemtechnik GmbH to launch SIGMA 128 x 128 RF Matrix

DEV Systemtechnik GmbH expands its successful and field proven L-Band Matrix product portfolio with a brand-new RF Matrix System supporting up to 128 x 128 I/Os and configurations beyond 128 I/Os with embedded clustering options. Friedberg, Hessen, Germany – November...

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY and DEV Systemtechnik partner to support markets in Middle East and North-East Africa

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY supports standard as well as fully customized RF projects for teleports, satellite ground station, governmental and further projects in the region.

DEV Newsletter 2021 Q1

  • DEV expands RF over Fiber portfolio – doubles spectrum for RFoF links
  • VSAT RF Management System for bidirectional signal distribution | DEV 25xx
  • Leading edge DOCSIS 3.1 broadband solution for HFC Networks

DEV Systemtechnik optimizes processes with migration to state-of-the art CRM System

In order to align the internal processes even better with the customers, DEV needed to replace the outdated CRM system.
After a detailed analysis of possible CRM systems, DEV decided in favor of CamData’s solution.

Our Precautions Against Coronavirus Infection

Precautions against Coronavirus Infection implemented at DEV Systemtechnik GmbH Friedberg, Hessen, Germany – March 20, 2020 Dear friends and partners! Around the globe people are facing challenges unseen before – economically, socially and infrastructure wise. In...

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Articles & White Papers

Qvest Media Integrates WELT’s New Satellite Infrastructure with DEV Systemtechnik RF Systems

Utilizing DEV Systemtechnik’s advanced optical and coaxial RF systems Qvest Media has planned and integrated WELT’s state of the art satellite infrastructure in the new WELT HQ in Berlin.

Satellite Antenna Site Diversity

Ever increasing demand for more bandwidth in the terrestrial wireline and wireless domain on a global scale and the requirement for ubiquitous broadband network access pose significant challenges as well as chances for satellite network operators.

From Antenna to Receiver

Whether in a cable headend, earth station or teleport, reliable signal transmission and distribution is the backbone of a facility’s successful operation. From signal reception at the satellite dish, to processing and distribution within a facility, and final distribution, signal quality availability must be properly engineered and managed. Redundancies play a key role in order to guarantee maximum reliability and uptime.

Internet television for the Emirates

Etisalat, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and the leading operator in the Middle East and Africa, wished to expand an existing CATV head-end in UAE by adding a 700-channel IPTV system. The order to supply the system went to the Chinese telecommunications group Huawei. For the critical system segment from the antenna to the receiver, Huawei relies on products and services of DEV Systemtechnik.

Innovative End-to-End RF Signal Management for Cable TV Network in Vietnam

One of the biggest telecom service provider in Vietnam, who had plan to build up a Cable TV network nationwide, including a main head-end in Hanoi plus over 700 Sub head-ends along the country. The Hanoi head-end receives signal from satellite antenna dishes with dual-Pol and IP contribution, and at each Sub head-end delivers both digital and analogue cable TV signal over GPON network.