“RF over Fiber” refers to technology that modulates light with a radio frequency signal for transmission over an optical fiber. All satellite ground stations and teleports must have an effective transmission method for RF signals linking antennas, signal management equipment and wide-ranging equipment centers. Beyond traditional copper or coax, current “state-of-the-art” installations are best served by fiber-optic links. RFoF incorporates several advantages over coax: limited losses, preserved signal quality, isolation from electromagnetic interferences (EMI), and muted crosstalk. High-capacity fiber connectivity secures an enduring platform in the face of today’s ever-changing technology environment.
To achieve high-bandwidth capacities, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) merges on a single fiber-optic cable up to 80 wavelengths each carrying a distinct signal. This technology commonly links different equipment centers while avoiding expensive rental of public fiber. To curb equipment costs for this type of installation, the distribution matrix DEV 1986 Archimedes equipped with optical inputs is a superior complement to DEV RFoF products from the Optribution® series.

Traditional DWDM Signal Transmission

Figure 1: Traditional DWDM Signal Transmission

Typical installations require transmitters and multiplexers to provide the DWDM signal. On the reception side, demultiplexers and receivers are installed upstream of any electrical matrix distribution placed in the signal chain as shown in Figure 1.

Matrix Router with optical Inputs in the DWDM Signal Transmission Chain

Figure 2: Matrix Router with optical Inputs in the DWDM Signal Transmission Chain

When the matrix is equipped with optical inputs to handle optical-to-electrical conversion at the receiving end, specialized receivers are no longer needed. Figure 2 shows the optical lines from the demultiplexer are directly connected to the DEV 1986 Matrix Router, saving up to 22.3% in overall equipment costs for the optical installation.

About DEV Systemtechnik: DEV Systemtechnik develops and manufactures a complete range of products and systems for the optical and electrical transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) signals via coaxial cable or fiber. For over 20 years DEV has designed, engineered, and manufactured RF transmission equipment for satellite, broadcast, and cable applications. All products are built to meet the highest standards of system availability, reliability and manageability.

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