The customer is looking for a RF signal management solution for a new IPTV head-end. In order to reach maximum availability the IPTV head-end will receive the satellite signals via two Diversity Antenna Sites (~80km distance between the sites). The RF signal management solution needs to ensure reliable transmission, selection, switching and distribution of the antenna signals.


The RF signal management solution is needed to ensure optimum transmission, distribution and the selection of the best L-band signal coming from two geographically diverse antenna sites. The L-band signals coming from the remote antenna site need to be transported with maximum quality over 80km using a single fiber.

On the main head-end site the signals coming from both antenna sites are compared with each other and the best signal is selected and distributed towards the receivers. The management of the solution needs to be done by Skyline/Dataminer.


The solution for the optical transport of the IPTV signals consists of the DEV 7113 Optribution chassis with optical Tx and Rx modules. For the short interfacility optical links a cost-effective basic transmitter was used while for the longer links high performance DWDM transmitters and an EDFA was deployed. Via the built-in management capabilities the customer is able to configure the parameters of the link to achieve optimal signal quality.

The selection of the signal and switching to the highest quality signal is performed automatically by multiple DEV 1953, each containing 16 switching modules. The DEV 1953 continuously monitors the signal power coming in on both inputs and selects the signal with the highest power to be switched to the output.

The distribution of signals towards the receivers is done by using multiple DEV 2190 devices. The DEV 2190 is a compact, modular and flexible chassis that provides RF distribution of 16 incoming signals to a maximum of 128 output signals. The DEV 2190 is a managed distribution solution, which means that for each of the incoming signals the gain (and if needed tilt) can be configured via SNMP or web browser.

All equipment in the solution will be managed via SNMP and a web browser.

Based on the management and RF sensing capabilities the customer is able to detect the presence of a signal and monitor the signal at all key points in the transmission path. As well, the customer is able to monitor the status of the equipment (PSUs, fans etc.). These capabilities optimally support the customer’s first and second level fault management processes.

Schematic of the RF over Fiber Redundancy Solution

Benefits for the IPTV Customer

  • End-to-end control of the RF signal from antenna up to the receiver
  • Reliable RF signal management based on high quality components and integrated
  • Redundancy functionalities
  • Minimum rack space required with compact rack unit design
  • Expert consultancy and design verification during the definition phase of the project


A solution for RF signal transport, switching and distribution for a new IPTV head-end has been provided. The solution increases the availability of satellite signal for the new IPTV head-end by transporting and selecting the best RF signal coming from two geographically diverse sites. The RF signal can be transported over more than 80 km with the highest quality and signal integrity. The solution is compact and supports the customers’ operational processes optimally by its management capabilities and its integration in the existing operational support systems.